Vision & Philosophy

Jarrell Middle School is an involved and caring educational community that challenges students to become life-long learners, problem-solvers and responsible members of society.

It is our belief that middle school students are unique individuals undergoing a myriad of physiological, psychological, and sociological changes. We strive to meet the varied needs of our students by focusing on the individual needs of each student. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes, which will enable them to be productive and responsible members of our school, their family, our community, and to the world.

Jarrell Middle School provides educational opportunities, which allow students to achieve to their fullest potential, while developing basic skills necessary to function effectively in an ever-changing society.

Guided by our middle school philosophy, we meet the academic and social needs of our students by focusing on four core policies and practices. At Jarrell Middle School, we:

  • Maintain a safe, orderly, well-structured atmosphere for learning
  • Provide a curriculum that challenges each student at his or her level of ability, one that does not frustrate the less able learner or fail to challenge the most able learner,
  • Provide a program of instruction which matches the unique developmental characteristics of young adolescents,
  • Provide assignments that are carefully evaluated by the teacher.